404 Craps Tips

Craps Tips

Here are a few craps tips that you may find useful while at an online casino or land-based. Looking for blackjack free? It’s coming at you soon.

1. Don’t throw the dice on the floor. A very common belief is that when one or both of the dice fall off the table, the next roll will seven out.

2. When the dice touch someone’s hand, that roll is also sure to seven out. So stay safe, keep your hands clear.

3. Wait for a break in the action to get your chips. Proper craps table etiquette insists that players do not throw money on the table to cash in while a shooter is on a hot streak. This isn’t like online keno.

4. Don’t be a wrong bettor. Don’t bet that everyone else is going to lose. Wrong bettors are considered bad luck by many craps players. You may not be extremely popular if you continually bet against the shooter.

5. Don’t interrupt the streak. It is not a good idea to speak to or touch a shooter who is having a good roll. This is considered bad luck.

6. Never mention the number seven. We don’t want seven-outs, so don’t even mention the word seven!

Additional craps tips and more coming soon. Roulette and slots options as well.

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